Monday, March 31, 2008

No play

Quick update...
I've had a friend staying so I haven't managed to play a single hand since he arrived on Friday.
He's around until Wednesday so I doubt I'll get much play until he's gone.
So...erm...nothing to report really.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Pot odds

Played 400 hands on Bodog, no big wins, pretty static really before this happened:

At the end of the hand my foe said "pot odds", then left!
I had to add the hand manually to the site PokerHandReplays and the pot sizes are not quite right - he had a $40 stack so I won around $50 but a truly bizarre hand.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

200 hands, up $30

Added another $30 to my roll playing Bodog after a short session.
Roll there close to $1,200 now.
The site has this nice facility for PokerTracker phobes like me which tracks your recent winnings.
Over three days I'm up $172, over seven days I'm up $356 and since I deposited ten days ago I'm up $695.

Speaking of PokerTracker, I'm going to try to get back to using it again. Its a no brainer really, I just couldn't be bothered to transfer all the data when I upgraded my laptop last year.

By the time my one-month bonus period is up on Bodog my roll should be $5k and I'm going to have another stab at the $100NL tables again.
I've been watching them on Bodog and Mansion and don't see much different to the $50 tables.

Last time I tried them for any length of time I got spanked so it will be a good test of how far I've come in a year.

Lastly, I've been reading this guy for a while now and he CRACKS me up.
If you haven't checked him out, you should: WAffles on Poker

Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter summary

Just played my last hand for Easter on Bodog as I'm pokered out.
I've put in a lot of hours - more than I have all this year.
Managed to double my buy-in on one of the three tables during my last one session, leaving me a stack of $1166.45.
I also have around $65 of bonus due next month.

My updated bankroll stats are on the right which shows I'm only up around $700 since the start of the year, although most of this has come in the last couple of weeks.

Anyway, back to work tomorrow...

Token woes

The $26 token satellites on Full Tilt are becoming the bane of my life.
I am currently 6 and 0 in these and it looks like it will soon be seven entries without a token - I am 140th out of 141 left in the daily $6 + 50c with a paltry 550 chips. The top 50 getting a token.

I'm also playing a $3, 90 man tourney also on Full Tilt where I'm 7th with 17 left - top 9 pay. Its one of those knockout ones, but not managed to knock anyone out yet.

On Bodog, I have edged up to $1,120 with a couple of double up with big pairs, one again an all-in check raise with a flush draw, the other was a slightly odd one.

25c/50c NL, 6-handed

*** HOLE CARDS ***
Button raises $2
QuanticFive raises $6 from SB with [As Ah]
BB calls $6
Button calls $4

*** FLOP *** [6c 3d 3h]
QuanticFive bets $10.50
BB folds
Button calls $10.50

*** TURN *** [6c 3d 3h] [Ac]
SB checks (Way ahead here and the Ace would have scared any high pair)
BB checks

*** RIVER *** [6c 3d 3h As] [Kh]

SB bets $24.50 (Hope he has something
Button calls $24.50

*** SHOW DOWN ***
QuanticFive shows [As Ah] a full house, Aces full of threes
UTG+1 mucks [2c 3c] - three of a king threes !!!

How the guy can call the pre-flop re-raise with 2,3 suited. Although I got v v lucky on the turn as I was going all in.

UPDATE: Just busted out 13th from the $3 tourney, four off the money.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

650 hands....-$30

What are shitty day. Played a lot, and couldn't get anything going.

Everytime I won a decent pot, I would lose another. One foe in particular really got under my skin...he was hitting everything on me but was losing to everyone else.

The most galling was his $60 shove into a $30 pot, I had $40 left, and folded.

He turns over AQs for the $30 side pot, board was A 10 2 9 2, I fucking fold my AKo - my read was right but I pussied out.

Earlier he won a $45 pot off me with 109o, we got it all in on a A 10 9 flop, and he was the pre-flop aggressor.

He also won a $120 pot all-in pre with Ajs v kk. He rivered a str8.

Generally, the raising pre-flop was crazy, and the calling even crazier. One chap called me down with 42o...I raised pre-flop, post-flop and the turn with AQo. He wins a $30 with a pr of 4s.

I must have played 30 pocket pairs and hit once, with Ks, for a $15 pot.

My stack on Bodog, is now $1,030.

I shall try again tomorrow.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Bodog rules

Have more than doubled my $500 deposit in six days which I'm pretty chuffed about :)

Gonna play a lot over the Easter weekend and accrue as much bonus as possible before the 30 day offer period is up.

If I keep going as I am I should make another $150 on top of my winnings.

I'm not sure if its luck, skill or fishy players that is behind my winning run, prob a combination of the three, but long may it continue

Monday, March 17, 2008

More Bodogging...

Just finished another decent session on Bodog, winning around $90.

I should really move up as my bankroll is now around $4,300 - most experts would put my on at least the $1/$2 tables.

To be honest though I'm happier plodding along - it stressing me out losing, and I see this as my hobby rather than a source of income.

This evening I had no real stand out hands, although I won a nice $25 when I limped with Ako in mid position and milked the SB's AJo.

I also pot raised in the SB with AKo and got four callers.

FLOP was a rainbow Q, 10, 4

I checked, BB, who was pretty weak, bet $2 into a $12 pot, the button called, and I called, hoping to hit my four outer.

Bingo, Jc, making a club flush draw.

I check, BB bet $4, button called and I raised it up to around $18.

BB folded, button called, and then folded to my bet on the river when the flush didn't hit.

Anyway the bonus on offer has definitely galvanised my interest, as has the fact that I'm now working out my notice for a month and don't care as much about the magazine.

GL all!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Set mining

Been playing on Bodog, all weekend, with some success.
Some US bloggers refer to it as Bodonkey and I can see why. I couldn't get anything going and was only $80 up on Sat and early Sunday, despite playing more than 800 hands, but I knew it was just a matter of time. Too many idiots...

Set mining (Part 1)

QuanticFive 4s 4h
phil3333 Ad Kd

QuanticFive Call $ 0.50
phil3333 Raise $ 2.75
QuanticFive Call $ 2.25

FLOP 4c Kc Jd

QuanticFive Check
phil3333 Bet $ 6.75
QuanticFive Raise $ 13.50
phil3333 All-in $ 29.95
QuanticFive Call $ 23.20

Side pot = $80.15
Rake amount $ 2.00

Quad mining (Part 1)

(MP) QuanticFive Call $ 0.50 55 (5h 5s)
(Button) RoyalME Raise $ 2.00
(BB) effoo Call $ 1.50
QuanticFive Call $ 1.50

FLOP 6d 5d 5c (QUADS!!!!)

effoo Check
QuanticFive Check
RoyalME Bet $ 2.50
effoo Raise $ 6.00
QuanticFive Call $ 6.00
RoyalME Fold $ 2.50

TURN Card dealt to table 4s

effoo Bet $ 9.00
QuanticFive Raise $ 18.00
effoo Call $ 9.00

RIVER Card dealt to table Ad

effoo Check
QuanticFive Bet $ 36.50
effoo Fold (had to be medium to high pair)

Rake amount $ 2.00
QuanticFive Hand result $ 54.75

Set mining (Part two)

BB ZeroCall 7c Ac
EP sealit Jh Ah
MP QuanticFive 2h 2s

FLOP 9c As 2c

ZeroCall Bets $ 4.00
sealit Raise $ 8.00
QuanticFive Raise $ 20.25
ZeroCall Call $ 16.25
sealit Call $ 12.25


ZeroCall All-in $ 26.50
sealit All-in $ 13.30
QuanticFive Call $ 26.50


Rake amount $ 2.00
QuanticFive Hand result $ 130.05

I've put the last hand through an odds calculator.
Pre-flop I was actually ahead with a 36% chance of winning vs AJ's 34.75% and A7's 23.5% - although my foes had a 5% chance of splitting.

The flop, however, changed all that.

I moved to a 68% favourite, AJ down to 0.66% with A7 now at 30.5%

I papped my pants when I saw my foes cards after the 7 turn, but A7 now was down to 28.5% against my 71.5% with AJ drawing dead.

The bonus/rake system for the first month on Bodog, is pretty generous and I'm racking up the points. On the downside they only allow three-tabling, which will limit my gains somewhat.

I'm up $250 from my $500 deposit, with $25 of bonus to come, and this has put my roll up to $4,200.