Thursday, January 24, 2008

Slow start

I have been playing very intermittently this month. with mixed success.
I'm up, probably around $100 only, after a tough couple of sessions ate into my roll.
The SNGs on Stars are also hurting and I have had a run without a cash.
But I have probably played just five or six times this month. My goal of doubling my bankroll to $7k this year seems a long way away.

The only tourney of note I've played, in fact the only tourney at all, was a $26 + $2on FT with my token.

I busted in the top 100 with 54 paying.

I feel I was unlucky as I had a top 30 stack when I lost all-in with Ks v AJo, 5s v AKs and AKs v Js, all against the same player.

Busted with AJ v AJ to a four flush...

Have bought the first two Harrington tourney books with points on Stars which hopefully might spark a run.

Monday, January 07, 2008

2007 update

Slightly late in coming but I was offline throughout the entire Christmas and NY period.

OK, here are my stack totals:
Mansion: $559.45
Pokerstars: $559.45
Party: $1527.75
Full Tilt: $81.11 (plus one $26 token)
Neteller: $673.64

This makes a grand total of...errrr...£3401.4 (plus token!)

Slightly on tilt when I write this from running sooo bad in Omaha H/L games, driving me nuts.

Anyway here were my resolution's last year:

1) Build my roll to $3,500.
$100 shy of this, would have easily made it if I hadn't used some of my roll to repay a debt to a friend.

2) Win a cash MTT with more than 100 entrants.
Nope, came close, but nope

3) Don't play limit holdem and NO RAZZ.
Succeeded in this, a bit of limit and Razz in the horse games on Stars but didn't do too much damage to my roll.

4) Learn how to use Pokertracker better
Used it, mastered it, changed PC, and no don't use it anymore :(

5)Try to vary my game more
Not really but I'm a better player than I was a year ago.

Soooo, this year me thinks I want to double the roll to $7k. Do-able but it will be hard.
I'm not playing as much as last year, and every time I moved up to the $100 tables I got my ass handed to me and I had to move back down.

We shall see.

I will be posting sporadically, just for fun. I know I don't really have any regualr readers but even if its just for me, it will be nice to keep the blog going.

GL on the tables.