Thursday, March 03, 2011

Cashing out, and getting richer!

Ok, for my four followers out there, another update!

On Dec 19th I became a father. Very emotional time and my son Marcel is now nearly three months old. It has been a total game changer in my life and I have very little time for anything else but I'm loving being a dad!

After Marcel was born I decided to cash out a fair chunk of my money, all told I withdrew $1500 from across my FT and Pokerstars accounts, which translated into around £997.

I left $167 in my FT account and just $16 in my Pokerstars account.

I thought that would be it, but no...I am still playing, although only very sporadically.

Basically in my head I was done with poker for a while as fatherhood was intense, especially in the first couple of weeks. But I was sitting at my kitchen table, one tabling a $50 Omaha H/L rush game on FT when I hit trips on a QJ10 flop. (me jj)

After I raising war post flop, I was all in for my $60 and two other over stack foes who held ak.

Turn blank, river in very short order, I had (just) enough to do some four-tabling on $50 NL again.

I've not played much but my roll now is $580 and it looks like I may be able to grind back high enough to try the $100 NL tables much for quitting.

I really need to update my bankroll data to the right, but need to download software from some of the sites, its been so long since I played them!