Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Hit n Run

Made another $20 last night, three tabling $25 NL on Stars.
Only played for 30 mins before the tables tightened right up again after the weak players busted.
When I look at table selection, I'm more bothered about average % flop seen, and try and sit at tables with over 35%.
It works well but the churn on the low limit tables mean you can very quickly end up on a table of tight, nut players (All from E Europe tee hee :))


Work do's tonite and tomorrow so prob not much play until Thurs.


Despite being totally skint, I should get paid a fair whack on Friday after my promotion so I'm gonna hang tough on my bankroll and leave it in Neteller.
I'm tempted by the Mansion Poker $1,000 deposit bonus, which is paid in $10 increments.
Soooo, tentative plans are to play Stars until I clear the $150 bonus, 1/3 of the way through so far, before moving a chunk over to Mansion.

OK, Ta-ra for now

Monday, May 21, 2007

Decent weekend

I had a good weekend of poker - the first time I can say this in what feels like a long time!
My win-rate was not fantastic, but I felt in control, calm and made some really good plays.
I only played on Stars to take advantage of the double FPP points on offer and try and scoop some cash in their giveaways.
Played $25 and $50 NL, mainly three tabling, and won about $150 over the 2 days.
I was a new player so nobody had a read on me and I felt really good about my play.
I called down bluffs, made some bluffs, extracted maximum chips when I could and laid down some big hands.
I think the redeposit bonus and overlays on offer at the mo on Stars is making for some very juicy cash tables.
Lots of new Europeans who don't have a clue.
One thing I did pick up over the weekend that I've been thinking about - Eastern Europeans play TIGHT!
Having lived there for four years I know the average salary is rubbish and they are the biggest misers out there. The classic Czech family will think nothing of driving to Croatia with their boot packed full of food and not spend a penny when they're there on essentials.
Look at the Poles in the London, working 80 hours a week and spending NOTHING.
The Russians are gamblers, but the Czechs, Poles, Slovenians, Hungarians that I've been seeing on the site play super-tight.
If one re-raises you, think long and hard about calling.
In my experience, the western Euros, esp Scandis, play looser and their range is bigger.
This is a huge generalisation, but I truly believe that national characteristics make a difference when playing.


On Saturday I went very deep in a $8 rebuy tournie where I managed to get to the top 40 using only one rebuy and one add-on, when other players were buying in like crazy.
I thought I was on a for a big score but busted with Js v As against a similar stack just outside the payouts (135 paid, about 880 started).
I replayed that hand many times afterwards and I'm not sure I could have got away from it. Flop was low, foe was v aggressive, so it would have gone all-in whatever happened. Sometimes the luck is against you.


I'm seriously considering withdraw the rest of my stack in Neteller.
I have $750 now on Stars with $150 bonus pending, $250 on FullTilt and this is enough for me to play $25 NL and $50 NL, as well as buyinto some tourneys up to $30.
I have $2,100 left in Neteller and I'm SKINT! Sooo tempting.

OK, back to work, GL at the tables!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Stars play

My play this month has dwindled right down, partly due to an effort to cut down starring at laptop screen all evening and partly due to the annoyingly addictive game Oblivion (!)
I played a little over the weekend but lost more than I won.
I have deposited $600 at Stars to take advantage of their 10bn hand offer of a 25% bonus. Down about $60 already to $630 there, most from a $33 loss on a $11 re-buy tournie.
My FT a/c sits at $300 and change which means I have $2,900 now in poker winnings.
I'm less motivated to grind it out at cash games at the mo, so will continue with my tournie strategy on both sites and hopefully score another big win soon.
Of the last three tournies, I've busted out 2x through lack of focus/losing patience - bad beats I can take, but busting through my own stupidity is the pits.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Patience is key to playing solid poker, something that I normally have in bucketloads.
In tourneys especially the winning player has no problems folding hand after hand, waiting for the right moment to show aggression and build his stack.
On Saturday morning, I went deep again in another of those $24+$2 tourneys which had a prize pool of around $7,500.
With 300+ players, I managed to stay in the top ten throughout most of the tourney and made it to the final two tables lying 6th.
I then busted out in one orbit, the final hand pushing 85o (WTF!) from the SB against the table bully who called with a7o.
This hand stayed with me for the rest of the weekend. I was sitting solid and blew my whole tourney on a crazy steal.
Instead of winnning several hundred, I ended up with $55 for a small profit.
Anyway, I made another $75 playing $50 NL, to build my stack further.
My new PC allows me to four-table using the new tile facility on FT pretty easily.

Still don't know where to put my $2,500 from Neteller but I will find a new home for it soon.

Friday, May 04, 2007

No posts, no play

The lack of posts reflects the lack of play I'm afraid.
My new laptop has opened up a world of opportunity for me. My internet is superfast, I can download quicker and play the latest games.
At the moment the gambling urges have receded somewhat.
I've withdrawn all but $200 of my FT cash to neteller and will deposit bankroll somewhere soon.