Saturday, February 09, 2008

Decent start to the year

February has treated me v v well.
I returned to FT to take advantage of the bonus on offer, a $75 for me.
From a starting roll of $80, I am now up to $500.
All four-tabling on the $50 tables.
I'm really pleased with my cash play at the moment, I am much more aggressive pre-flop and am mixin up my play well.
I still play ABC poker, but my starting range for pre-flop raises has increased, hopefully making it harder to put me on hand.
The stack would have been 600 if I could lay down As.
Twice now I've busted off a buyin in the face of aggressive on the turn or river. On both occassions I could probably have gotten away from it.
One foe in particular made it v v obvious he had hit his set but I carried on calling regardless.
PLayed another $24 + $2 just now but busted again jut out of the money.
I'm going to keep playing them as I feel a big cash is just around the corner.
Can't be arsed to work out my exact stack but it must now be approaching $4k.