Monday, July 17, 2006


Been playing sporadically in the past ten days.
NL, limit, and bit of Omaha and the odd freeroll.
My roll reached a high of $430 before dropping back down to $270.
Most of the losses have come from $1/$2 limit and the $2/$4 Badbeat jackpot tables.
On Sunday I tried a couple of multi-table SNG, 3-table and 5-table, and came 3rd and 2nd respectively to net myself about $70-ish profit so I'm standing around $360 now.
I like Party but I'm thinking about having a go at Full Tilt and its 100% deposit bonus.

On the work front I just handed in my notice! I start work as a reporter at an investment magazine in London next month.
I've decided to rent out my flat up here and will be moving back down south soon. I'll prob have to stay with my folks for the first couple of weeks, but I should be able to find a room somewhere.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

The Good, The Bad and The Downright Ugly

I'll start with the ugly because this happened first.
I'm afraid to say my Blackjack demons returned in a big way. My roll at Ultimate Bet was sitting pretty at around $400, having soared from a low of about $20 a couple of months ago.
I was playing tightly and winning money regularly. Then disaster struck and blew it all in 30 minutes.
My initial deposit was $200 and I've managed to win about $75 from rakeback, but it still hurt. This was all last week, and was too embarrassed to write about it.
Suffice it to say that I lost about $50, and then kept trying to win it back with bigger and bigger bets.
Went camping with some colleagues at the weekend, which was a great way to forget about my poker pains.
Returned on Monday and deposited my Absolute bankroll of $300 into Party Poker.
I'd never played there before so it was fun to have hundreds of tables to chose from.
The Bad is that I lost about $50 quickly on the 25c/50c NL tables. I couldn't hit a hand, missed flushes, got trips cracked 2x.
The good is that I quickly released my 20 per cent bonus of around $55 to clear that debt and then won a $6 10-man SNG late last night.
It was limit, which I didn't realise when I enrolled, but I got a handy chip lead when I flopped a set with 4s, and then rivered a fullhouse with JKo to crack As and a flush.
I was late for work this morning as a result of my late night playing, and got a mild ticking off, but I really don't care.
As for work, I'm plodding along, its the start of silly season when everyone's on holiday and not much is happening.
I went for a job interview in London at a magazine yesterday and feel I've got a good shot at getting it.
I have a writing test to do tonite. This month could be the end of my northern dalliance and the end of my regional newspaper career.
We'll see.