Saturday, January 31, 2009

One hundred dollars

Hi all, sorry for the lack of updates again. I've just returned from two weeks sunning myself in Florida.
My parents spend most of the winter there now - been doing it for five years now -and I finally got my arse over to visit them.
Played a lot of golf, studied, eat well and managed three runs.
I deliberatley left my laptop at home so I would study more, although I couldn't stay away from the felt for two whole weeks and downloaded FT on my mum's laptop.
I four tabled cash games on the whole and finsihed around $100 up.
Also had a shot at a few Mansion SNGs, but basically lost my rakeback from the previous month.

The online betting ban must be so frustrating for Americans - I couldn't even place a bet on the Australian Open tennis.
I fancied Dementieva and got a friend to place a £20 bet for me and got 9.5 - but she crashed out to Serena in the semis. Bum!

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Poker Pains

No poker at all to speak of, hence the lack of updates for ages.
I had a very boozy Christmas and then a week off work to rest and recover. During the past three weeks I have played maybe 20 SNGs and tourneys, all at small buy-ins and most have amounted to nothing.
I don't really have the motivation to play at the moment. I'm studying a lot, playing a bit of XBOX 360, reading, chilling - just no poker.
I'm sure the will to play to return, I've had breaks like this before, so keep checking the blog.

The only wisdom I can impart on you is that I am slightly concerned about a sterling rebound. Looking at the numbers I have $6k in various poker accounts and neteller, which at current levels is £4,100. It costs a fiver to withdraw cash, so I may just pull out most of it and then put it back in again when the dollar is stronger.

The problem is I'm pretty sure the dollar will weaken against most currencies, say the Aussie dollar, Canadian dollar but against sterling (which is pants at the mo), I'm less sure.

So for now is do nothing - which pretty much sums up my poker grinding at the mo!!!