Thursday, December 13, 2007

Up and down

Just a quickie before heading to the boozer after work...again!
Been grinding at Party since they started the promo offer 'Winning Hand', many, many others have joined me, so traffic has been good.

Overall I have been losing small amounts here and there during the course of the promo, with a couple of big wins.
The promo bonus has netted me $115 clean, so I'm up to $1600 there, on a $950 deposit.

I'm thinking of making another switch soon as I am without a rakeback site (Mansion, despite its new software, still sucks IMO).
Ladbrokes maybe, not sure yet.
Pretty sure I won't get to $4k by the year end, been putting in some solid sessions but remain hovering around $3.5k.

Work is good so pretty content all round.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Running good

Had a couple of days of work so lots of poker.
My last seven SNGs have yielded 3 2nds and four firsts, and I'm running super hot according to Sharkscope.
Also running well on Party and have won $250 on the cash tables in the last three days. At this rate I may hit $4k by the year's hoping!

Recent Results
GameID Date (GMT) Type EntryFee Profit
69507986 7-Dec-07 11:36 TURBO PL Omaha H/L $3 10 $11.60
69464421 7-Dec-07 01:51 TURBO PL Omaha H/L $3 10 $11.60
69459396 7-Dec-07 00:55 TURBO PL Omaha H/L $3 10 $11.60
69453366 7-Dec-07 00:03 TURBO PL Omaha H/L $3 10 $11.60
69399070 6-Dec-07 13:22 TURBO PL Omaha H/L $3 10 $5.60
69241149 5-Dec-07 00:28 TURBO PL Omaha H/L $3 10 $5.60
69136494 4-Dec-07 00:08 TURBO PL Omaha H/L $3 10 $5.60
68979027 2-Dec-07 13:34 TURBO NL Holdem $11 180 -$12

Very Pwetty graph

Online Poker Statistics

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The run endeth

My mini-run on the tables is slowly grinding to a halt.
I've lost my mojo to play again after most nights over the past few weeks.
I've run my roll back up to $3.3k, this includes sending my mate $250, so I'm pretending its $3.5k.
No big wins, just grinding at the $50 tables, booking wins here and there.
I've been continuing with Party and Stars, with a bit of FTilt thrown in.
Also been railbirding my crazy gambler mate who has no clue but is playing SNG up to $220!
He was down $1500, then scored a big win on a $69 45 man SNG, and is slowly loosing it all again.
Prob do one more update to close out the year.