Wednesday, September 27, 2006

New job, new city

It's been six weeks since my last post so for any readers out there I thought I'd update my blog.
I'm now a financial journalist working for a magazine in London.
My life in the north is over, probably forever, and I've joined the throng on the tube every day.
I suppose I'm still in a honeymoon period here. I'm sad to say I enjoy the subject matter, which is almost wholly investment-based, the money's ok, and the office is teaming with media honeys.
The best thing has to be the freebies where PR companies and fund managers are literally falling over themselves to offer us free stuff.
Whether it be a posh lunch, drinks after work or tickets to see a footie match or concert.
In just a month though I already feel overqualified for the job, most people here are either writers just out of journalist school or graduates.
No-one has shorthand and most can't write a decent story.
I've been on jobs with people five years younger than me, with incredibly posh accents, working for Reuters or the FT, who basically are a joke to journalism.
I s'pose this is my fault for spending four years bumming around Europe...

Anyway, the new job seems to have rejuvenated my poker skills.
I've taken the $290 I deposited a while back on Party to $800, which includes taking an additional $200 out of there into Stars.
Stars is up to $260 now.
Not doing much different, just playing higher limits and playing tight
Back to work now
Ta-ra for now