Saturday, June 21, 2008


Poker is a very, very annoying game.
I cannot win shit at the moment, and am wondering how I made $5000 at this game.
Every all in tourneys I'm in, I lose.
Today I busted AK v KQ, all in pre; AA v J5 all in pre (!); 24 v AJ (flop 24A) - all-in, turn J.
I can't remember the last cash I've had in a tourney.

On Littlewoods, I managed to get to 350 points and release a £50 bonus but unfortunately this has gotten me to break even only as I'm down, mainly on Omaha H/L cash games which I seem to suck at.

I'm starting to get pissed off with Littlewoods as there are simply no games going. There are always loads of half buy-in tightees who limp As and AKs cos they're pussies.

I very much doubt I will make it to 1000MPPs by the end of July, let alone 2000.

I hate Stars, but at least there's games going and people aren't playing sss tight poker all the time.

Rant over

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Profit at last

I have finally broken into the black on Littlewoods with some truly amazing play...
OK, actually two pushes with AA2x, double suited on the Omaha H/L tables that stood up.
These two hands netted me $50 and I've won and lost a £5 Double Yr Money SNG since then. My loss came when I busted with Ks v Qs, all-in had to happen sometime.
I'm still a long way from my Ipod - a Touch if I reach 1000MPPs by end of July and Classic for 2000MPPs.
I have a grand total of 200 so far!
More grinding needed me thinks

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Weekend on Littlewoods

I spent a good few hours grinding on Littlewoods. I signed up through RaketheRake and if I manage to reach 2,000 MPPs I get an Ipod, £350 bonus and rake of 30%. Not a bad return.

I have to do this by the end of July, which will involve many hours but I think its doable. I deposited $400, roughly £200 and currently stand on...£200!

The positives have been decent wins on full-ring Holdem cash games. I'm also four for four on the £5 double yr money SNGs, which pay 5 out of 10 players. V V easy with some terrible players.

Where I've lost it is the 50c/$1 Omaha H/L tables, which rack up the MPPs the fastest but are dangerous as hell.

I also tried the Tao of Poker's Omaha blogger tourney on Stars but crashed out 28th out of 32. Not a very impressive debut!

Friday, June 06, 2008

A break but I'm back

Its been a while...
The reason for no posts is because I have been playing very, very little poker.
A few low buy-in SNGs on Stars, and a bit of cash games on Mansion is all I've been able to muster in the past two weeks.
Grand Theft Auto is one reason - I've played a lot and am still only half-way through - but I'm also studying for an exam at the end of the month.
If I'm serious about my new job I have a lot of exams to take. I'm currently studying for the IMC, which is two parts and is reasonably easy.
But there is this thing called the CFA which takes three years and is very, very, very hard.
My academic record is such - shit A levels, a degree from the Mickey Mouse School of Disney Studies - that I may be forced to go for it just to get to the next level. Call it building a bankroll, if you like, so that I have a shot at working for an investment bank, where life is very sweet indeed.

I'm out now in Clapham to see a friend off, who has taken a job in Hong Kong, but I have no other plans for the weekend so you may find me on the tables.
I've just signed up to Littlewoods poker, who are offering an free Ipod to gimps like me who can grind for five hours playing $100 cash games.