Thursday, November 02, 2006

One game

Lack of internet at home has seriously curtailed any poker play since my last post.
I've only managed to squeeze in the odd game while visiting my parents at home.
Only three things of note have happened since last month:
1) I've cashed out of PartyPoker, which has lost a LOT of traffic since the gambling legislation was passed. My neteller a/c now sits with $900.
2) I've slowly leaked $80 of my $200 deposit at Stars
3) I played the BIGGEST tournament of my life!

As you can guess I didn't cash but it was probably the closest I've come to a big payout.
It was the freeroll for Party players which had reached the dizzy heights of £25,000. Yet the new legislation limited it to non-US players and so only 54 lucky souls got a chance to play.
I happened to be home that Sunday so it worked out prefectly.

Six players paid, with 1st getting over $9,000 and 6th reaping $1,750.

It started ok when I won a few chips with 9s v two high cards.
My first double up was farily streaky when I re-raised all-in an early position raiser with aqs, and he flipped over qs. Ace on the flop.
With 10 min blinds and 3,000 starting chips, it quickly became a raise/fold game and lots of all ins.
I called a small stack all in with 5s, and he turned over k9s. NO k, no 9.
I then reraised a yo-yo bluffer with kqo all-in, and he took ages before folding.
I took the rest of his chips with kq again, vs his kj.
Had 10k in chips and was sitting pretty when I lost a ako v 8s race.
Then lost ajo v a10o all-in preflop (10 on turn) my only bad beat all game and was out 14th.

O well.
Thats a pretty quick summary but basically, I can't complain after outdrawing the qs early and not getting sucked out on 3x before my badbeat at the end.

Work is good. I've pretty much cemented my position as the best of the reporters. And yesterday picked up a pretty handy freelance gig which should net me a few quid each month.
Internet comes on Friday, and I'm heading for full tilt with the $900.