Wednesday, July 15, 2009

poker and sterling

Had another bash at poker last weekend - played four $10 double-or-nothing SNGs on PokerStars, cashing in two for solid break-even poker!

Back with my missus again since the last post for the shortest break-up in history. She is off to Athens all next week so I should be able to put in a couple of sessions while she's gone.

Just thought I would comment on sterling versus the dollar for all you high stakes players out there :)

Sterling has rallied since hitting a low of $1.37 to $1.63 as I write. For followers of this blog I was pretty vocal in my calls for sterling to fall from $2.
I lack the conviction I had last year but I can see another bout of weakness for sterling some time this year.

At $1.63, I would sit tight for a while and wait. My view is $1.45 is fairer value which is around a 15% gain from here.

Can't be arsed to go into the reasons why...but its my view for what its worth.

Back on the poker, I've made the decision to try to play some bigger tourneys while the missus is away. Only can do it on weekend so will try two not this weekend but the weekend after prob.

Ok, see ya

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